Get my private support to go from stuck to next level success and upgrade.
The shortest distance between you and success isn’t action.
You’ve reached a plateau in your life, and you just can’t put your finger on what it is.

You’re doing the work.

You’re putting in the hours. And you’re showing up the best you can. 

But the needle just isn’t moving forward as quickly or as easily as you'd like it 

And no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t break through.
What if the secret to your breakthrough to the next level was right underneath your toes?
“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” ~ Alexander Den Heijer
Just like in the case of that flower, the environment in which you live is actually creating your reality.

The energy in your home is either serving to attract your desires to you or push them away from you and it can always be amplified. 

When your home’s energy is aligned, your cup will runneth over with blessings, and manifesting becomes second nature. But when the energy in your home is off, nothing else you do will matter. You will always be fighting an uphill battle.
What if there was a way to breakthrough to the next level without working harder JUST shifting the energy of your home, so you can become more magnetic to your desires?
It’s time for you to meet the Ancient Art of Feng Shui.
What is Feng Shui, and why is it your new favorite tool for transformation?
Feng Shui is a 4,000 year-old Chinese sacred practice for bringing your home’s energy into balance. This tangible, practical tool can increase your abundance, health, love, fame, community, and more — and it starts working the very second you make the changes to your space.
Hi, I’m Patricia, and as a Feng Shui Expert, I’ve helped thousands of women create their dream lives by tapping into the innate power of their homes and turning their living spaces into supercharged magnets for manifestation.
  • Walking into a home that sparks joy, lights you up, and makes you and your whole family happy when you step inside
  • ​Miracles, blessings, and luck becoming your new normal (without you needing to work harder to make it happen)
  • ​Attracting in more money, health, fame, love, opportunities, and travel
  • ​Clearing out the old, toxic, stuck energy in your home so that it feels like a breath of fresh air in your space
  • ​Living in an environment that supports your dreams
“Employing Feng Shui can help you get out of your own way to find what it is you are really meant to do. Once you discover this, the pieces will fall into place.” ~ actual quote from Oprah
What people are saying about working with me right now


Michelle Childs, BizMums

Within 24 hours, my husband got a call about a big job, my son got a programme worth $70,000, and I got a new client!

“I was working on all kinds of different things, and Feng Shui was something I have always pursued, but just never with a mentor. As soon as I was able to connect with Patricia, I was thrilled because she was totally in line with what I had always wanted to be working with.

The very first cure I remember was in our master bedroom which is our career sector. We needed to add fire that year. It changes every year, but that year we needed to add fire. So, I went out and I bought a brand, new comforter for the bed. I mean, of all the easy things to change!

So, I go out there and with intention I put my new comforter on the bed. Nothing very expensive. I put it on the bed and, within 24 hours, my husband [who’s a construction guy] got a call about a big job!

When you do the cures in the house, it’s works for the whole family. So, within the same 24 hours, my son got accepted into a free programme that’s worth about 70,000 US dollars over seven years – a free scholarship programme for Japanese immersion.

And then, I landed a brand-new client [in the same time-frame] and I was like, ‘Is it really just a comforter?’ But, it was!”

– Talmar Anderson
Miriam’s business doubled and then tripled!

“I teach people how to get themselves into vibrational alignment, and then when I met Patricia, it occured to me that it’s actually really important to do that in your home so that everything is in alignment — because you’re not a single unit that exists on its own! It’s all energy.

Before Feng Shui, things were good but not as good as they should be. We had a lovely, loving relationship and lovely kids, but I noticed there was always a bit of unease and awkwardness with the children. I thought it was just because they were teenagers. In business, it was good, but it felt like hard work with too much bust and boom. I’d been blaming my husband for things not going properly because I was doing all the work.

I did every single thing that Patricia told me. We went out, got all the remedies, and put them in straight away, and the shifts were epic. I could feel it all changing, and that’s when everything started flowing. Every facet of our lives changed. Now the kids pop in more often, and they’re really relaxed when they’re here. My husband had the biggest year in business in two or three years. He found fantastic back-up support.

My business has been really amazing too because I have made so much more money! Once I put the remedies in, my business doubled the next month, and then the next month it tripled!! The thing is, it’s all happened really easily, without me having to work hard. It’s like somebody plucked a pebble out of the pipe that was blocking the flow, and now it’s just gushing. It was like an instant new normal.”
– Miriam
Today I have a waiting list of over 3 months, and I’m only in business over 12 months.

“My relationship with my husband and kids has blossomed into a happy energy and are getting on great with the odd small quarrel lol.

Job opportunities came up both for my husband and I with extra income in to the household.

If you are struggling with money issues, health problems, relationships or would love to meet your dream partner, no clients or the lack of them, or you have a crazy idea of wanting to do something, or want to travel.. Hire Patricia & implement the Feng Shui. #FengShuiRocks #NewLove”
– Anne Marie Kingston
What kind of magic can we make together?

Work with Me 1:1

Would you like my personal help & accountability in getting the positive feng shui juju flowing into your space? I only take on a few private Feng Shui clients each month

If you’ve never done it before, it’s almost hard to explain just how crazypants incredible the results can be. That’s why I keep a whole file full of testimonials from past clients.

The amazing thing about Feng Shui is, it’s not so much about your home and how it looks when you’re done.

It’s about how your life looks.
Please do apply for one of these VIP spots if:
  • ​Too busy to do a course and just want me to tell you exactly what to do to turn your home into a magnet for your desires 
  • ​You do have the financial resources to invest in metamorphic Feng Shui & coaching with Patricia personally
  • ​When you get an opportunity, you take action straight away.
Please don’t apply for one of these VIP spots if:
  • You’d like to keep slogging along, hoping that you’ll reach the next level in your business + life eventually
  • ​You’re happy to do it the hard way.
  • ​Or you refuse to accept the support and guidance that could change everything for you.
I’m sure that doesn’t sound like you though, does it?
Once your application is reviewed -  Patricia will be in touch with you about the next steps.
Things you should probably know ….

When I’m booked out (and I often am), I’m booked. I can’t bend time to add 18 more hours to my day. Yet.

Almost all of my clients come from referrals.

When you work with me 1:1, I come with more than just an expertise in Feng Shui. 

I come with a Mary Poppins bag of gifts & wealth of experience – I see the unseen. And those insights lead to transformation. When we work together, it’s like having a Feng Shui Expert + Vision Weaver + Intuitive Healer + Shaman + Savvy Entrepreneur genius on your team.

I may not take you on as a client. 

I’m pretty clear about who will be the perfect fit + see results and who won’t.

I get that before you invest, you want to see rock solid results.
Want in on some of this magic?

The next step is you + me getting on a call

Only serious applicants will be considered to honor your time and mine
Still wondering if you wanna work with me?

You’re picky.. 

So am I … 

so if

You’re seriously ready to do what it takes to have everything you want in your business and your life. That means no holding yourself back, no chickening out, and no waiting until everything is perfect in order to take action. The women who succeed are the women who make no excuses

You’re don’t have time for an online course – you just want me to tell you what to do, you take action and hey presto watch the magic unfold.

You want to learn from someone who walks her talk, is living her vision board, running a successful business, you want flip the script, and forever change the way you think about your home and life, so you can get the type of epic results that are reserved for big dreamers and timeline shrinkers

You’d love your life to feel like play, ease, flow and abundance.
Once you complete the application Patricia or her team will be back to you with the next steps.
“Since embracing Feng Shui and Patricia’s advice, I feel like we are in partnership with our home now, our home is calm and relaxed with a more peaceful family.”

Before I started with the Feng Shui our home was very stressful and cluttered, there was constantly kids bickering, and our housekeeper had been stealing from us. 

Since embracing Feng Shui and Patricia’s advice, I feel like we are in partnership with our home now, our home is calm and relaxed with a more peaceful family.

The kids bickering went from 100% to 10% (normal), there has been a huge increase our career’s, so much less clutter, less items that we don’t love, and my rock star vision board that is already coming true!

I would highly recommend Feng Shui to anyone and everyone. Patricia your unbounding energy for Feng Shui and your knowledge was why I picked you.

I am grateful for the email support when I was putting in my remedies, and I love that you are a question answer-er.

– Julie
“Boom – it works. It was the biggest month – revenue-wise – for my company. We also landed our largest client ever. My husband unexpectedly got a stock option buy-out from the private equity group that invested in the company he works for. So it was a very lucrative month – and I owe it to Feng Shui (I am pretty sure my husband is a full-on believer in feng shui now!) Patricia – thank you! XO”
– Monika Jansen
“Everything shifted. I know if it hadn’t been for Feng Shui it wouldn’t have happened. No way! I would still be stuck in a rut, miserable, sick, and depressed. And I can only thank Feng Shui for [the change]!”

I had bills coming out of my ears. I was not sleeping. We had no money. I did not know how we were going to get through. Nothing was working. I knew then something needed to change.

Thank God for Feng Shui. Step by step I went through my house with the report, every day adding something new, every week adding something new. My partner thought I was nuts.

Within a month I’d left my toxic relationship and met the love of my life. One month later he proposed, we moved in together, bought a house, and booked an overseas trip for Christmas!

… and then I found my dream job and now I love going into work!

I’ve found myself again.
– Suzanne Butler

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feng Shui Expert do?
There’s no denying that your home has a power all of its own. You can feel it settle over you the second you step through the front door.

But we’re not the only ones our home is communicating with. It’s actually sending out its signal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — and that signal can be the biggest ally in your life and business, calling in more clients, money and success straight to you…or it can be your biggest enemy, pushing the things you want even further away.

My clients often say that Feng Shui is the missing piece of their life and business puzzle. Once they learn that their home’s energy plays a role in the size of their bank accounts, they’re quick to take action and use the magnetic force of Feng Shui to their advantage.

Feng shui isn’t about painting your house white, knocking down walls, or arranging pretty trinkets. It’s about creating a fertile environment for your success to grow in.
How does it work?
Just like you go to the doctor and get a prescription to fix your health problems, when you work with me 1:1 we take a deep dive into what’s going on energetically in your home, I will create you a personalized report (i.e. your “prescription”) that tells you exactly what how to fix it and my guidance and support through the entire journey so you can turn things around at lightning speed.
How long have you being doing this work?
I got my first books about Feng Shui when I was 15! Yes I’ve been hooked for a long time. Professionally I’ve been consulting since 2013 that’s a lot of homes and sooo many epic transformations.
Once you complete the application, Patricia or her team will come back to you with the next steps.
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